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Angella ( Angie) Hughes


Angella (Angie) Hughes

Age: 52


What club are you a member of?

GOG Triathlon Club


What is your spirit biscuit? 

I’m one finger of a Kit Kat and Geran, my husband, is the other finger - as we do triathlons side by side.


When did you first start triathlon and why?

July 2001, Crystal Palace, taking on a new challenge with friends.


What is your best memory of a triathlon in Wales?

Completing the Swansea Great Wales Triathlon in 2003 and having my photo taken with Steve Cram. Winning age group GOLD at the Welsh Sprint Champs, Barry Island (2019)!


What is your favourite Triathlon to race in Wales?

Harlech Triathlon!


What is your favourite motivational saying?

‘In 2019 my goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.’


What does joining this team mean to you?

It’s an exciting opportunity to be flying the flag and racing for Wales, in Triathlon, and being part of Tim Tri-Cymru.


Who is your favourite sports person?

Jessica Ennis and all the wonderful female GOG Triathlon triathletes.

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