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Ian Liddiatt


Ian Liddiatt

Age: 50


What club are you a member of?

Cardiff Triathletes


What is your spirit biscuit?

I’m a retro boy, traditional, unfussy and uncontroversial. I’m also quite cheap – 30p at Tesco


When did you first start triathlon and why?

Completed an Ironman as my first event in Sherborne as I fancied doing something different to cycle racing


What is your best memory of a triathlon in Wales?

I have too many great memories.......but all the best memories involve racing with Tej


What is your favourite Triathlon to race in Wales?

Pembrokeshire Standard Triathlon


What is your favourite motivational saying?

Little things make big days


What does joining this team mean to you?

Camaraderie, fun, enjoyment, making memories


Who is your favourite sports person?

Kristina Vogel

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