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Tom Graham 


Tom Graham 

Age : 24


What club are you a member of?

Tri Zone Fitness


What is your spirit biscuit? 

Apparently I’m a short bread according to a online survey; because im lovely, kind and sweet and an addition to any friend group. 


When did you first start triathlon and why?

2017, I done 1 or 2 10k and a half marathon nothing special just finished and was happy to get a medal. There was a local novice triathlon in the next village that I thought I’d give a go. I couldn’t swim at that point, and when I mean I couldn’t swim I was in the pool for an hour and did 12 lengths. Head out of the water doggy paddling. I was poor, very very poor. But determined to improve and get better I went back and tried again. And that’s what I love about the sport, you can always improve.


What is your best memory of a triathlon in Wales?

Red carpet moment in Ironman Wales, nothing went to plan on the run, went to very dark place for the last half. Passing my family every lap getting worse and worse, however listening to the announcer call my name and telling me I am an Ironman!!! Raising my arms and flying down that red carpet, gives me goosebumps everytime I look at those photos.


What is your favourite Triathlon to race in Wales?

Ironman Wales I'm sorry but you can’t beat that crowd riding up heart break hill, shoulder to shoulder screaming in your face with every pedal you take. Epic moments in that race, just epic


What is your favourite motivational song?

Linkin Park - Faint


What does joining this team mean to you?

Huge respect and honour to represent our Country. Hope we can all do team Wales proud on June 15th, we will win as a team or loose as a team but we will all stand together and push as hard as we can.


Who is your favourite sports person?

Kristian blummenfelt

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