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Membership Benefits 

Welsh Triathlon provides membership benefits via its network of benefits providers as an added value service only to its members and as part of the membership experience. We hope that engagement with our partners and benefit providers will enhance and improve your enjoyment of the sport on your own individual journey through the sport. Your membership includes a whole range of discounts with leading brands including:

Welsh Triathlon member discount 

*Please contact pedal cover directly and reference you Welsh Triathlon membership number **Please contact The Welsh Triathlon office on 03003003128 or

Welsh Triathlon members can also access the following discounts negotiated by British Triathlon Federation on behalf of the home nations .


The inclusion of a particular benefit does not in any way mean that Welsh Triathlon or British Triathlon endorses a particular product or service and all members must exercise due diligence as to the suitability of a product or service for their own individual needs and situation. Neither British Triathlon nor Welsh Triathlon receive any payment for the goods and services offered as part of the membership package and neither does the British Triathlon or Welsh Triathlon act as agent in any capacity. Any issues relating to products and services voluntarily accessed by you the member must be taken up directly with the provider of that product or service in the first instance with a copying email to Welsh Triathlon member support.

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