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Sustainable Commute Challenge

The Welsh Triathlon Commuting Challenge encourages all triathletes to commute by walking, running or cycling as much as possible for the month of August.

Why create the challenge?

With the increasing evidence of the devastating impact of climate change, we are committed to doing as much as possible to reduce our environmental impact, both as organisations and individuals. Commuting sustainably is a great way to begin to make a difference, and as triathletes has the bonus of the extra training effects!

Plus we know triathletes love a bit of competition, so this is a way of challenging your club members, teammates or friends & family to see who can log the most sustainable commuting miles during the month.

When is it taking place?

The Challenge kicks off on Cycle to Work Day – Thursday 5th August and runs until 31st August.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter – we want as many people as possible to take part in the challenge, so we can maximise the impact of the Challenge.

How do I enter and log my mileage?

If you are a club member, please get as many people from your club involved in the challenge as possible. Nominate a team captain who will collect the total mileage from all the team members and submit it via the following link once per week until the end of the challenge:


If you aren’t a club member but want to enter as an individual, or get together with a group of mates to enter a team then you can do so on the same link.

What counts as commuting mileage?

Travel to work, school, shops, events, club activities, sessions or meetings by walking, running or cycling. Typically any journey that you may have chosen otherwise to use the car, bus or train!

If you’re travelling to training sessions, don’t count the session itself, but you can certainly count the ride/walk/run there and back.

Are there prizes?

The main prize is bragging rights – we want to see which club/team can rack up the most mileage this month and get one over on your rivals – we know you are a competitive bunch.

But we will also be providing a few spot prizes drawn at random from all entrants over the course of the month. To win a spot prize you will need to be a Welsh Triathlon member – if you aren’t already and want to join, please find out more here.

How can I share my progress?

Get involved on social media via #WelshTriCommutingChallenge. Each week we will share the best pictures, stories and videos from your commute on our own channels


What if I have any more questions about the challenge?

Please contact:

Good luck!

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