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Tri Active Cymru

Triathlon Cymru has established Tri Active Cymru (TAC) to create further opportunities to provide localised, introductory multi-sport sessions. It is Triathlon Cymru's aim, to have a TAC Session in every town in Wales, making triathlon, duathlon, or aquathlon activity easily accessible for everyone…anywhere in Wales.


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What Type of sessions and who can organise a TAC session?

  • As an additional activity set-up by already established clubs to introduce newcomers to their club.
  • Sessions can be delivered as after school club sessions, to introduce tomorrow’s triathletes to the sport.
  • Leisure Centres could maximise the use of their facilities and include TAC sessions as part of their regular programme.
  • Newly qualified Tri-activator coaches can use the sessions to further develop their skills.
  • Individuals who have recently enjoyed running and cycling, well why not bring both elements together!
  • Social gatherings for people of all ages, where some fun physical activity can be had, helping with a healthy body and healthy mind.

Why Should I Organise a Tri Active Cymru Session?

The opportunities for TAC sessions are endless, and its flexibility is its strength.

The main aim of a Tri Active Cymru Session is to take part in a small ‘triathlon’ style activity. This can be in the form of a Triathlon (swim, bike, run) if you have a pool; an Aquathlon (Swim/Run), again if you have a pool; or a Duathlon (Run/Bike/Run) for all you will need here, is open space. With this in mind, Tri Active Cymru activity organisers will be given a ‘‘TAC Sack’’, which will provide the required equipment to make your course within the dimensions of a sports pitch or park…one of which, you’ll find in every town and village across Wales.

A set of course designs will be included in the ‘TAC Sack’, making it easy for all organisers, session leaders and coaches to set up and deliver the sessions. We recommend no more than 30 participants at a time to sessions, with a focus on local participants. Once they are hooked via TAC, Wales has got some wonderful events for them to explore!

How Do I Get a TAC-Sack?

To get your ‘TAC Sack’, you will need contact Triathlon Cymru, by emailing

Want to take part in a TAC event?

All TAC activity will be listed here. Hit ‘search activities’, enter your postcode or area and any activity near you will come up.

For any queries regarding TAC please contact

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