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Nomination Information


Nominate an event, individual or club in one of the following categories:

  1. Club of the Year
  2. Coach of the Year (Virtual coaching is included)
  3. Volunteer of the Year
  4. Virtual Activity


Even though the way we live and work has been different for all of us during 2020 we are fully aware of the amazing work and dedication that has taken place to deliver triathlon and multi-sport activity in Wales both prior and after to the government lockdown on Monday 23rd March.

The Welsh Triathlon Awards provide an opportunity to recognise the many numbers of volunteers, coaches, officials, clubs and events that make triathlon a truly unique sport. Whilst things may be different currently we know that recognising and celebrating is still as important as ever and why we still desire to deliver a Welsh Triathlon Awards for 2020.

Launching on 7th June 2020 the Awards will consist of 4 categories, some of which are the same as previous years but also included a new category to represent the current situation of COVID-19. Nominations will be accepted as from 5th September 2019 (the WT Awards 2019 closed on 4th September 2019).

Nomination Window

During the award nomination application window you will be able to find a link here to submit your nominations.

Nominations open: 7th June 2020

Nominations close:  18th October (Extended)


As the Awards are slightly different this year we have provided the following guidance for each category so we can ensure as many volunteers, coaches, officials, clubs and events can be nominated.

  1. Club of the Year

We want to know what makes your club outstanding, how it supports Welsh Triathlon initiatives and how it has developed volunteers to support them in their role. In the current climate of COVID-19 we also want you to let us know what support the club has given its members, either in person or virtually.

  1. Coach of the Year

This year has been one coaches have need to adapt to in line with the UK government guidelines on social distancing. During March we knew that coaches and coaching had to adapt in line with this. Therefore we will recognise coaches delivering sessions prior to social distancing restrictions in place and coaches that have adapted the way they work and the sessions they deliver by offering them virtually/online. We want to find out what the coach/coaches has done for the participants and athletes they work with and the impact of that coaching, as well as if they have engaged with multi-sport events.

  1. Volunteer of the Year

Volunteers play a crucial role in the delivery of triathlon and we want to know how volunteers have motivated and inspired others within triathlon and multi-sport as well as showing outstanding commitment and reliability. Volunteers could be;

  • Club volunteers

  • Official’s
  • Activator’s
  • Unlike previous years Technical/MOTO Official’s are now included within the Volunteer of the Year award
  1. Virtual Activity

This is a new category to highlight the activities that are being delivered virtually during the COVID-19 climate. Activities can include;

  • Participation
  • Coaching
  • Events

We want to know how has this activity created a positive reflection of our sport and has catered for participants of differing levels and abilities. Video recordings/links can be submitted although those submitting the nomination must follow safeguarding guidelines. We are also accepting descriptive nominations. Activities for those under 16 can not submit video recordings/links.

If you have any further queries please visit the website or contact

Nomination Prerequisites

Before any individual is nominated, the person filling out the survey (nominating) is required to check that the nominee meets all the following ‘pre-requisites’ and is therefore eligible to be nominated (which will additionally be checked by staff):

Club of the year pre-requisites

  • Must have a club affiliation with British Triathlon
  • 'Self nominations’ will be accepted
  • Must not have been the regional winner in 2019

Volunteer of the year pre-requisites

  • Must be a Welsh Triathlon member
  • Cannot nominate yourself
  • Minimum age of 8
  • Must not have been the winner in 2019

Coach of the year

  • Must be ‘affiliated’ with the coaching department
  • Must be a qualified coach to a minimum standard of Level 1
  • Must volunteer for a minimum of 1 hour a week
  • Cannot nominate yourself
  • Non-commercial coaches only
  • Must not have been the regional winner in 2019

Virtual activity of the year

  • This can be a coached, participation or club activity
  • Nominations will only be accepted for activities that are being delivered virtually during the COVID-19 crisis (from Monday 23rd March 2020)

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