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Aberystwyth Junior Tritathlon Tristar Finale


There was a great turnout for Cerist Triathlon Club’s Aberystwyth Junior Triathlon, with 160 individuals and 10 relay teams entered this year, for the final stage of the Tristar series.

Poor weather in the days leading up to the race was cause for concern, but thankfully early rain turned to bright sunshine as the race progressed.

A pool swim at Plascrug leisure centre was followed by a technical bike course and run on Penweddig playing fields. Great effort was made by all participants, many of whom were taking part in their first ever triathlon, and despite the tough course there were plenty of smiles on the finish line - well done to everyone who took part! This event was also the finale of the 2019 Welsh Triathlon TriStar Series, so competition was fierce to secure top spot in the overall standings.

The race organisers would like to thank our generous sponsors: Subway Aberystwyth, Dilwen Jenkins Consultancy, Dyfi Events Ltd & Summit Cycles, Newman’s Garden Centre, Anthony Motors, Tyllwyd Campsite, Tesco Aberystwyth, Quick Fence Hire and Byrne Scaffolding. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped set up the course and marshal on the day, and to the staff at Plascrug leisure centre.

Trophy Winners

TriStar Start Girls

  1. Alaina Jones, Ruthin Tristarts, 8:20
  2. Ffion Griffiths, Just Tri, 8:41
  3. Evie-Rae Winter, West Coast Tri, 10:00

TriStar Start Boys

  1. Jude White, Unattached, 6:58
  2. Harrison Leonard, Ruthin Tristars, 7:31
  3. Leo Clegg, Tristars Conwy, 7:47

TriStar 1 Girls

  1. Libby Hale, Unattached, 15:27
  2. Ffion Mulford, Unattached, 15:56
  3. Imogen McAdie, Unattached, 16:34

TriStar 1 Boys

  1. Ewan Leonard, Ruthin Tristars, 14:08
  2. Noah White, Unattached, 14:46
  3. Tristan Warrender, Cerist Tri Club, 15:12

Tristar 1 Relay

  1. Jones & Hywel, 14:42
  2. Austin, Gruff & Sean, 15:18
  3. Caitlyn, Noah & Llewelyn, 16:35

TriStar 2 Girls

  1. Aelwen Davies, Brecon Triathlon Club, 18:27
  2. Josephine Hurst, Ruthin Tristars, 18:58
  3. Anna-Rose Merchant, Triathlon Coaching Wales, 19:16

TriStar 2 Boys

  1. Iwan Froley, Bridgend AC / Bridgend Swim Squad, 19:02
  2. Daniel Warrender, Cerist Triathlon Club, 19:45
  3. Zachary Beddows, Celtic Tri, 20:00

TriStar 2 Relay

  1. Ana & Efanna, 20:40
  2. Tirion, Bethan & Hannah Mai, 21:32
  3. Logan & Mischa, 22:55

TriStar 3 Girls

  1. Isabelle Shaw, Tristars Conwy, 27:09
  2. Anwen Nesham, Cardiff Junior Tri Club, 27:29
  3. Robyn Beck, Ruthin Tristars, 28:27

TriStar 3 Boys

  1. Oliver Jones, Ruthin Tristars, 24:11
  2. Deri McCluskey, OO Tri, 24:56
  3. Ifan Bowen, Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club, 25:28

Youth Girls

  1. Alyssa Baker, Unattached, 36:54
  2. Bethan Jones, OO Tri, 37:54
  3. Alaw Davies, ADASC, 43:51

Youth Boys

  1. Cameron Shaw, Tristars Conwy, 30:47
  2. Ollie Jones, Unattached, 35:00
  3. Evan Roberts, OO Tri, 35:34

Overall TriStar Series

With Aberystywth Junior Triathlon being the final stage in the TriStar series, the overall series podiums have now been finalised. Congratulations to all those who took part in the 11 stage series which was held all over Wales and included three open water triathlons.

Also a thank you from Welsh Triathlon to the clubs, coaches, parents and volunteers who work too hard to make the series happen. 

Overall series podiums can be found below. Full results can be found by clicking here.







TriStar 1 Boys

Josh Cleave

Noah White

Ewan Leonard

TriStar 1 Girls

Libby Hale

Seren Borland

Ffion Mulford

TriStar 2 Boys

Dewi Thomas

Iwan Froley

Finley Bruce

TriStar 2 Girls

Anna-Rose Merchant

Millie Hannant

Josephine Hurst

TriStar 3 Boys

Deri McCluskey

Luke Wyatt

Finlay Catling

TriStar 3 Girls

Abigail Davies

Anwen Nesham

Isabelle Shaw

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