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How a Triathlon works?

A Triathlon is a multi-sport event, this means that it is made up of other individual sports. In a traditional Triathlon this is swimming, cycling and running. To start with you complete a swim this can vary in distances, and be anything from sea, lake or pool-based swim. After this you then enter transition 1 where you change from your swimming gear ready to go straight onto the bike. Then it is the bike leg, and this can vary in distance again. Once you complete the bike leg it is into transition 2 where you rack your bike back and go straight into the final leg which is the running again varying in distance, over the finish line to complete the traditional Triathlon.

How do Triathlon transitions work?

Transition 1 also know as T1.

  1. Leave the swim venue (lake/pool/sea) and run to the the transition zone
  2. Remove any equipment that you are only using for the swim (e.g. wetsuit, goggles, hat etc) and place tidily in box (or near your area if no boxes)
  3. Put helmet on BEFORE touching your bike making sure it fastened & put bike shoes or trainers on
  4. Take bike off rack and run to MOUNT LINE
  5. Only mount bike after this line

Transition 2 also known as T2

  1. Get off bike BEFORE the DISMOUNT LINE
  2. Run to your racking position
  3. Put bike back on the rack
  4. Take off helmet only AFTER putting bike on rack
  5. Change into running shoes if using bike shoes for cycle leg
  6. RUN!

How many KM’s is a Triathlon?

There are 5 different distances starting at a super sprint through to a Ironman:

  • Super Sprint
    • 400m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run
  • Sprint
    • 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run
  • Olympic
    • 1500m Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run
  • Half Iron-distance
    • 1.9km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run
  • Iron-distance
    • 3.8km Swim, 180km Bike, 42km Run

How long does it take to do a Triathlon?

  • A Sprint Triathlon typically takes 1-2hrs (around 50-55min for the elite athletes)
  • A Olympic Triathlon typically takes 2-4hrs (around 1h45 for the elites athletes)
  • Ironman distance Triathlons can take anywhere from 8hrs to 17hrs

How to train for Triathlon?

We find the best way to train for a Triathlon is with other people, so why not see if there is a local club near you that you can join and get involved with. Our clubs offer a create opportunity to become part of a community and share from others learning and motivation.

How to get started in Triathlon?

GO TRI is probably your best bet to get started in Triathlon events if you are not sure where to start or even if triathlon is for you. GO TRI has been developed to ensure that there is something for everyone to take part in no matter your age, experience or ability. GO TRI event organizers plan events, so you can participate in multi-sport, this may not be a Triathlon specifically, but it could be a duathlon (Run/Bike) or aquathlon (Swim/Run). The aim of GO TRI is to introduce and make Triathlon accessible to everyone. In doing so it provides an opportunity to participate over shorter-distances and at a recreational level rather than having a competitive focus.  We believe that every single person deserves a GO TRI experience.  engage in entry level multisport.

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