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Beginners guide to Triathlon - Who


The answer to some of those questions you may have always wondered about

Who started Triathlon?

San Diego Track Club first started Triathlon in 1974 as a form of cross training, completing 10k run, 8k cycle, 5k run. 4 years later saw the first Ironman race in Hawaii in 1978. US Navy commander John Collins invented it as a challenge between swimmers, cyclists and runners to see who the ultimate athlete was title the IRONMAN.

Who owns ironman Triathlon?

The World Triathlon Corporation owns the Ironman brand. WTC is owned by Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group

Who won Triathlon in the Olympics?

Who won triathlon at commonwealth games?

  • 2002 (Manchester)
    • Men: Simon Whitfield (Canada)
    • Women:  Carol Montgomery (Canada)
  • 2006 (Melbourne)
    • Men: Brad Kahlefeldt (Australia)
    • Women: Emma Snowsil (Australia)
  • 2014 (Glasgow)
  • 2018 (Gold Coast)
    • Men: Henri Schoeman (South Africa)
    • Women: Flora Duffy (Bermuda)
    • Relay: Australia
    • Men’s Paratriathlon: Joe Townsend (England)
    • Women’s Paratriathlon: Jade Jones-Hall (England)

Who won triathlon at European championship?

You can find all the results from the ETU races here

Who won the Triathlon in Leeds?

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