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Club Membership Offer


Did you know that club insurance provided through club affiliation to Welsh Triathlon does not extend to individual club members?

This means that any member taking part in club activities who is not a member of Welsh Triathlon is not insured leaving them at risk. At Welsh Triathlon, we want to help our affiliated clubs by giving them the opportunity to sign up members in bulk, to ensure that everyone in your club is insured when taking part- racing or training, in triathlon and multi-sport activity. As a club, sign up five or more of your members for Welsh Triathlon membership, your members will be able to take advantage of the prices below:





Welsh Triathlon Essential

£24 (RRP £26)

£24 (RRP £26)

£24 (RRP £26)

Welsh Triathlon Core

£34 (RRP £45)

£17 (RRP £28)

£10 (RRP £12)

Welsh Triathlon Ultimate

£52 (RRP £67)

£40 (RRP £50)

£38 (RRP £48)

Please note the prices above are per new Welsh Triathlon member. The offer cannot be used for existing Welsh Triathlon members. If included, we can renew members existing members, this will be at RRP.

What does Welsh Triathlon Membership Offer?

Welsh Triathlon membership provides Public Liability insurance (£15m), Personal Accident cover and a free legal advice  service if an incident occurs while training or racing. Our Core package provides cover for racing and training in the UK and Ultimate packages will provide cover abroad. You can find out more about insurance via our online insurance centre. Members can access a range of other benefits from our partners and sponsors. To find out more about membership benefits click here

How to sign up your members

  1. Populate the downloadable sign-up sheet with the names and details of the club members you wish to sign up (minimum 5). To allow you to collect the information for the sign-up sheet you can use this form, before inputting the data onto the spreadsheet to return to your Home Nation). 
  2. Insert your club name, contact person details and billing address.
  3. Send the form back to and we will process an invoice and get your members signed up


Why is there a bulk membership campaign?

Welsh Triathlon recognise the importance of insurance and safeguarding of all triathlon and related multiport participants. Through research with several affiliated clubs, it has been highlighted that club members do not necessarily understand the importance of the public liability and personal accident cover that individual Welsh Triathlon membership provides. Therefore, we are offering a special rate for affiliated clubs to sign up their members. We also know from feedback that clubs would like the option to sign up their club members through their club in bulk (minimum of 5 members), therefore we are providing this opportunity.

Is there a campaign period?

No, this is now a year-round offer! Previously we have only opened this at certain points of the year but now clubs can access it any time

Which membership packages are on offer?

Welsh Triathlon junior and adult Essential, Core and Ultimate membership. This offer is available to new members only.

Can I sign up members who are already Welsh Triathlon or home nation members?

Yes, however, they will not receive discount they will have to pay full price for their membership. These members will get access to discount via other campaigns which we run throughout the year

How do clubs pay for memberships?

Clubs will be invoiced directly by Welsh Triathlon. Clubs can pay via BACS or cheque. Once payment has been received Welsh Triathlon will provide membership numbers and details to individual members. Membership numbers will also be confirmed with the club contact for reference. Some clubs may subsidise Welsh Triathlon membership for their members- this is completely up to the club how they collect required funds from members

Will members automatically receive marketing emails and newsletters?

No, members will only receive emails they have consented to receive. Members can also edit communication preferences within their membership accounts at any time.

Where can I find home nations membership terms and conditions?

You can find them here

Will members information be used for anything else other than setting up their Welsh Triathlon membership?

No, member information will only be used to set up membership accounts, once this has been competed the spreadsheet provided will be deleted

Can I send the spreadsheet back as a password protected file?

Yes, and in fact we recommend that you do this. If you do chose to password protect the file, please send a separate email with the password or phone the Welsh Triathlon office on  0300 300 3128 once you have sent the file to provide the password

Who can I contact for more information?

Call the Welsh Triathlon office on 0300 300 3128 or email to find out more

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