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Club X-over


As COVID related lockdowns become ever apparent across Wales, and further restrictions likely over the coming months, Welsh Triathlon have worked with their member clubs to introduce Club X-Over, ensuring that you, our members, can continue to engage in your multisport activity.

The Club X-Over is open to all affiliated clubs, and this means that Welsh Triathlon members can continue to engage in your multisport activity locally, even during the lockdown. What does this mean for you? If you live in an area that is in lockdown and you would normally travel outside of your local authority to take part in club activity, you can now join a club near you that has opted to open their doors.

We have a number of affiliated clubs currently signed up to the scheme.  For those clubs who cannot accommodate others due to capacity or precautionary measures concerning coaches and staff, there will be opportunities for members to also engage through social activity within your local authorities.

As a Welsh Triathlon member, you will be insured to continue with your activity, as long as it sits within Welsh Triathlon guidance. Details of the current guidance can be found here 

Before you sign up to a club, please check that: 

  • The club you want to align to is an affiliated WT club, and
  • That your individual membership is valid and up-to-date by logging into your membership area – please check with Welsh Triathlon if you are unsure.

Individual members of affiliated clubs who do not have Welsh Triathlon membership will not be eligible for the Club X-Over. If you are not a Welsh Triathlon member but wish to take part, please visit the Welsh Triathlon website and click ‘Join Us’. 

This is a great opportunity to welcome those within local communities who have turned to swimming, cycling, and running during these challenging times. It is great to see unity and collective buy in across the community to keep everyone involved in the sport. We hope, by working together, we can continue some form of structured, safe activity which will allow us to approach the 2021 season with full force.  

If you have any questions regarding the Club X-Over programme, or wish to explore opportunities to continue your activity during lockdown, please contact Welsh Triathlon Participation Officer, Steph Makuvise stephmakuvise@welshtriathlon.org  

Please note the Welsh Triathlon Membership Terms and Conditions and Competition Rules will apply where relevant. You will still be a member of your original club and guest of the club that you have joined, the club you join during the period will ask you to sign a declaration which will apply for the time that you are training and taking part in their club activities. All that we ask of you at Welsh Triathlon is that you participate respectfully and acknowledge that the club you are joining may be run differently to what you are used to.  

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