Issy Morris gives us her experiences of training at the NTPCW with Commonwealth athletes


Wondered what it's like to be a part of the National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales ? Issy tells all.


Where it Began 

I first got involved in triathlon at the age of 11.

I came from a swimming and running background so used to compete in Biathlon’s (solely swimming and running) before my Dad suggested I tried out Triathlon. I found combining 3 sports made the training much more interesting and varied.


Training at the NTPCW

Having trained with National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales (NTPCW) a couple of times before officially joining, I found my eyes were opened up to a squad where all athletes were given individual support but equally were all motivated themselves.  Everyone turns up to training because they want to train, not because they have to. There is a real squad atmosphere, everyone constantly pushing and helping one another to achieve our individual goals. Having always trained on my own I absolutely love having a sense of togetherness while training. Luke the Performance Centre Head Coach was highly influential in me making my decision. He’s invested a lot of time in modifying my technique, making me faster and understanding me as an athlete but potentially more importantly as a person. He’s made sure I understand the reason why we do certain sessions and the benefits the different types of sessions will have, instilling more motivation and ultimately increasing my love for the sport. 

It’s great to train with the Commonwealth athletes at such a top level. It gives you an incentive in training and it will be great to receive advice on what it’s really like to be at a Games. They’re all so understated it’s easy to forget you actually train with such top class athletes!  I’m really enjoying long rides as it’s our most social session of the week but also plays an important role in our aerobic conditioning. 


Managing my time 

The university have been great at accommodating my training along side my academic work. Whether it be extending deadlines or allowing me to sit tests slightly late, I’ve found I’ve been able to keep on top of my work and keep my stress levels at bay. Having said this I have to ensure I manage my time well so I can get the best out of both my training and academics. 


Give it a go

My advice for those wanting to get involved in Triathlon would be: Give it a go! It’s a great sport that accommodates all ages and abilities. Even if you’ve got no experience it’s a great way to keep and fit and socialise so why not!?

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