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LGBT facebook group


Welsh Triathlon are pleased to announce the start of a Facebook group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) triathletes.

The Welsh Triathlon LGBT virtual group is essentially a group for triathletes who are part of the LGBT community to join and can discuss all topics Triathlon related.

We came up with the group because we recognised that there are a number triathletes who are LGBT, and may not be part a triathlon club, yet want the support and guidance that you get from a club environment, with the future idea in mind to create a Virtual Triathlon club for LGBT triathletes.

We have noticed that there are similar groups throughout the Home Nations, and similar initiatives that have had a positive impact throughout other sports. We wanted to be pro-active and set up the 1st group. There is still limited visibility of LGBT triathletes - this gives the opportunity of a another way to get involved.


The group is currently called: 
Welsh Triathlon LGBT virtual group. and you can search for it in the Group sections on Facebook

For further information or how you can get involved please contact amyjenner@welshtriathlon.org

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