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Meet Welsh Triathlon Member Richie Bartlett


He has just signed up to do his first Triathlon in 2016 and he tells why!

My Name is Richie Bartlett I live in North Wales and became a member of Welsh Triathlon this year.
I decided to get active as I wanted to stay fit and healthy as I have a 4-year-old Son and I feared I would miss out seeing him grow up. I decided to start doing a bit of exercise and saw that within the year I had lost 18kgs. (2.8 stone) and had never felt better.  
I found it easier to train in the summer when I could sneak out before anyone was awake but as it got darker getting out was proving more difficult, that’s when I decided to join my local triathlon club. I am a member of GOG Tri based around the Llandudno area of North Wales, the support and the ability to train with others has made all the difference, I found that joining a club has helped me immensely, I could only go so far on my own. 
I train between 8-10 hours a week, mostly club sessions such as interval running, turbo sessions on the bike and coached swimming sessions. I know I have had a good week when I get two of the disciplines done!
I have entered the Mold sprint triathlon in April which will be my first ever triathlon and I have also signed up for the Sandman full in September, with a half marathon thrown in too.
We will catch up with Richie’s progress on completing his first triathlon, in the New Year. 

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