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Moment of Calm


Did you know, the word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning union. When you join the body with the breath and the mind, and there is union among these three elements, then you are doing “Yoga”

Children’s Yoga is usually something a bit different and exciting, with a hint of mystery! It offers a fun, non-competitive physically active environment providing children with a foundation of physical fitness, personal discovery, and respect for themself and others. 

Children need physical activity. It is essential for the development of their bodies to move, stretch and challenge themselves physically and mentally so they develop into emotionally rounded adults. 

Unfortunately, many of today’s children do not get even the minimum amount of activity required to fully meet these basic developmental demands.

What can Yoga do for children’s wellbeing, development, and behaviour?

Yoga can help to teach children a lot of things, some of the benefits include:

  • Helping children improve concentration, attention, focus and cognitive skills
  • Helping with self-regulation and behaviour control.
  • Teaching strategies to help relax and reduce or control stress and anxiety
  • Helping children understand and cope with emotions, and to communicate about them positively (it can be effective for social skills training & positive re-enforcement)
  • Teaches self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Providing time for calmness and teaches calming techniques by addressing physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Encouraging improvement in posture & increased body awareness to keep their bodies healthy, Improving strength, co-ordination, balance, and flexibility.
  • Encouraging happy, healthy habits
  • Supporting positive mental health.
  • Enhancing imagination and creative thinking

Additional breathing, relaxation and visualisation exercises that take place during the Yoga classes can really help children with:

  • Reducing stress – as these can help soothe the nervous system and can also help reduce uncontrollable self-stimulation behaviours particularly in Autistic and ADHD children.
  • Regulating emotions & teaching stress management and coping techniques & skills (which can help reduce disruptive behaviour & increase self-esteem)
  • Increasing focus and attention span

By learning to control our breathing, we can influence our emotional state, our ability to concentrate and the energy in our bodies. Breathing exercises develop the ability to calm and control the breath, allowing us to focus the mind and manage our emotions.

Through fun stories and games, Moment of Calm Children’s yoga sessions are an engaging way to introduce children to yoga. Sessions incorporate Stillness, Movement, Breathing and Relaxation; using gentle stretching, and exercises for balance, strength, flexibility and focus whilst also learning techniques for coping with emotions, falling asleep and relaxing.

Have a go at some of Moment of calms session:

Storytime yoga - Garden delights

Relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness - Visualisation of a rainbow

Storytime yoga - Sailing trip

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Twitter: @momentofcalm 

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