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Novice swimmers took the plunge at Llanelli


A group of swimmers took the plunge at Llanelli North Dock on 15th May by taking part in our novice open water swim session. Nicknamed the “Welsh Triathlon Swim School”, the session was led by local open water swim coach Caris Hedd Bowen, and designed for those new to open water swimming.

The introductory session gave those new to swimming outdoors the opportunity to maximise their time in open water by receiving expert coaching. The session also allowed participants to improve their relaxation and confidence in open water and learn how to master basic skills, such as putting their face in the water and breathing techniques.

Caris started the session by giving a dry land briefing which included tips on how to get a wetsuit and swim cap on comfortably and how to demist your goggles. The participants then spent up to 45 minutes in the water, building confidence whilst learning and practicing new skills.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the session with some saying:

“I felt elated. I felt that my open water goals were now possible.”

“The session was well organised and broken down into bite sized pieces. There was no pressure to do anything you didn’t want but lots of encouragement to try and was delivered in a very fun and relaxed way.”

“I have nothing but praise for the event both Welsh triathlon staff and Caris put you at ease from the time you arrived. 100% recommend”

Amy Jenner -Workforce Officer said.

“It is great we are working with our local event organisers in Wales to arrange these pop-up sessions alongside their events. It allows an opportunity for those new to open water swimming to simply have a go and dip their toe into the world of open water and hopefully one day feel more confident in entering one of our events across Wales. We are so lucky to have such fantastic venues across Wales to swim, and we want to open that up to those who want to try by arranging these swim sessions.”  

Welsh triathlon will be hosting more pop-up open water swim sessions across Wales this spring and summer, all sessions will be advertised on our social media platforms and website.

Next dates:

Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir, Port Talbot 11th June 2022.

Broad Haven Beach 16th July 2022

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