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NTPCW Breakfast Club


The first of NTPCW breakfast club held to help inspire athletes with new meals and options to refuel with healthy options and correct nutrition.

On Tuesday morning, our Physiotherapist, Jess and Development Coach, Vicky prepared a range of healthy breakfast and training snacks for the athletes to try after a big swim. The idea behind this was to provide athletes with a range of different breakfasts that are simple to make, tasty and nutritious.

The athletes were struggling with the same monotonous meals and wanted to find some variety whilst making sure they were still hitting the nutritional requirements to fuel and recover from their training.

As a team of coaches and practitioners, a topic we are really keen to address and avoid is RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). A big factor in helping to prevent this is ensuring athletes understand the importance of the correct nutrition. By providing athletes with ready-made foods to try, they are more inclined to give them a go themselves.

The idea also allowed us to bring the squad together, with time to socialise and enjoy each other’s company outside of training.

Breakfast Club seemed to be a success with the athletes and we already have some people going away and making the foods themselves. Plus, providing tasty food for a group of hungry athletes will always be a winner! If you would like to try some of the reciepes yourself, click here

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