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Sean Conway and heading to halfway!


Photography credit - Justin Fletcher Photography

If you missed our original article, Sean Conway is a man that loves to create and complete crazy challenges. Last year, Sean set himself the challenge to complete 102 consecutive Iron distance triathlons and beat the record. Sadly this challenge was cut short due to Sean coming off of his bike and suffering an ankle injury on day 7. But this year, Sean is back and better than ever. And on Tuesday 30th May, Sean will officially be halfway and will complete his 51st consecutive Iron distance triathlon.

When asked about how things are going at the moment, Ryan, one of Sean’s support team and the founder of the True Venture Foundation, said that things are going really well. Instead of plateauing or slowing down, Sean’s speed is actually improving at the moment. Increased speed may be an incentive for Sean as the sooner he finishes the sooner he can go home and rest. Although rest does not necessarily mean sleep as your body can play tricks on you. Sean has seen this multiple times as he accounts on various occasions how he “didn’t sleep well last night”. Other than that, subject to injury, Sean is doing incredibly well!

Participation levels have also remained high. Ryan states how the ‘Swim with Sean’ socials have been going down well. Sean also regularly has multiple people join him for part of the cycle and the run. Don’t forget, if you want to join Sean on part of his challenge you can find live updates including locations on his website here! If any junior clubs would like to get involved, please contact Ryan directly. His contact details can be found below.

Sean’s challenge has caught the attention of a large amount of people. It has even inspired some to try to do something similar. For example, a local school are doing their own version of Iron102 on the 1st of July. The plan is to run around the field mimicking swimming, biking and running. And between all of the children, they will run around the field 102 times. Also, at the NumberOne gym where Sean bases the run they are also going to do a virtual version of the challenge. So, swimmers will actually swim in the pool with Sean, then they are going to do a relay ride for as long as Sean is cycling, and then the same for the run. Both of these will also be raising money for the True Venture Foundation. If you didn’t read our original article, the True Venture Foundation aims to support clubs to attract and retain children in sport and improve opportunities for children and young people from North Wales who want to compete competitively. It is also the foundation that is supporting Sean throughout his Iron102 challenge and that Sean is raising money for. Sean and the True Venture Foundation love what these two groups of people are doing and would love to encourage others to do something similar, whether these are schools, clubs or individuals! They are calling it ‘Channel Your Inner 102’.

You can follow along with Sean’s challenge on any of his social media channels where he posts regular updates. Alternatively, check out his website below! As well as joining Sean on his journey, you can also support him and help raise money for The True Venture Foundation. The donation link and other crowdfunding options can be found on his website.

Ryan Morrison:


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