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SWYD Sprint Triathlon Sea Swim



No better weather could have been booked for the SWYD Sprint Triathlon Sea Swim induction. 53 dedicated mixed ability swimmers joined us for an enjoyable dip in almost tropical conditions. Well not quite… about 12 degrees.

This event was designed to help first time and less confident swimmers who were new to open water get a feel for the sea. No black lines to follow in Jackson’s bay.

The session lasted about an hour and covered some rudimental sea swimming techniques like sighting, breathing and pack swimming. 

A lot of the swimmers were trying out their wetsuits for the first time in advance of the SWYD Sprint Triathlon  being held on the 3rd June. 

After delivering the safety brief it was time to get wet and experience that cold water flush through as you enter the waves for the first time. We all took a second to acclimatise and then set off in controlled and supported smaller groups with an experienced swimmer providing tips and guidance in each pack. 

The water was warm (ish) for  this time of year and everyone emerged at the end with a beaming smile on their faces. 

Lots of new friendships were made on the beach and it was really exciting to listen to people buzzing about conquering the sea and when they would be grouping up to get in next. 

When we launched this race we always wanted to promote inclusion and provide an easy gateway into the sport. The feedback we have received over the past 48 hours has been staggering and we are really delighted to have delivered a safe, enjoyable and practical swim session. 


We look forward to seeing everyone on race day next month.


Simon Webb - Event Organiser 

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