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TriStar races


Welsh triathlon works with a number of clubs and event organisers to deliver TriStar races across Wales with the focus being on providing a fun, competitive and high quality experience for young athletes.

These TriStar races feed into two different competition structures, the TriStar Series and Welsh IRC Team Qualification.

TriStar Series

The series is made up of 11 events across Wales. These events include pool-based triathlons, open water triathlons and aquathlons.  The purpose of the series is to provide young athletes with a competitive, fun and varied introduction to the world of triathlon. Each event will allow athletes to develop their intelligent racing skills against a diverse group of participants on different courses and race formats. For more information click here

How to take part?

To enter each event, participants will need to register directly with the respected event organisers through their websites. Further information on each of the events will also be available through the British Triathlon Events pages.

Individuals who wish to score points and gain a series standing will need to pre-register with Welsh Triathlon. To register you need to email Welsh Triathlon a copy of the athletes Welsh Triathlon Membership Card as well as their affiliated club (this can be a single sports club or a triathlon) to WT-Events@WelshTriathlon.org.  This can be done at any point within the season, but points will only be awarded for events following receipt of the email.

How does the scoring system work?

Athletes will score points based on their finishing position and time.  Each event will have a point score attached to it, with the open water triathlons offering 1200 points, and all other events being 1000 points.

Dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by total points calculate athletes points score e.g.

  • Winner finishes in 18min 00sec – receives 1200pts
  • Second place finishes in 18min 36sec – receives (18:00/18:36)*1200 = 1133pts

This scoring system rewards an athlete’s performance as well as finishing position.

At the end of the series athletes four best scores will be used to calculate their overall standing. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will then be awarded to participants within TriStar 1 (9-10yrs), TriStar 2 (11-12yrs) and TriStar 3 (13-14yrs).

Welsh IRC Team Qualification

The Inter Regional Championships (IRC) happens every year and brings together TriStar 2 & 3 athletes from Wales, Scotland and England to compete for the IRC crown. There are both individual and team relay events held over two days. The racing takes place on closed roads and with an open water swim. For many young athletes the IRC’s represents the first opportunity to represent Wales in Triathlon at a major domestic event, providing an excellent development opportunity to race hard, learn lots and have fun!

The event takes a part of British Triathlons Big Weekend that also includes the final stage of the British Youth and Junior Super Series and the Senior Super series.

How do I get selected?

Full details of how to get selected can be found in the Welsh Triathlon Inter Regional Championship Team Selection Policy for 2019 via clicking here

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