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AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds

Be the first to know about the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds 2019 with event distances for everyone, from first-time triathletes through to Britain’s best age-groupers, along with spectator and volunteering opportunities.

Upload a photo ready for your new membership card


Welsh Triathlon members are being asked to upload a passport style photo to My Account ahead of their next renewal in order to receive the new plastic membership card.

Having piloted the introduction of plastic cards to replace the current butterfly cards with the launch of the Coach Essential and Coach Plus membership packages, Welsh Triathlon are now pleased to announce the introduction of the new plastic cards for all members. The new plastic cards are expected to be released to all renewing members from the 25 September.

Members are now requested to upload a suitable passport style photo to their profile in My Account ahead of their next renewal date to allow a reasonable time for the membership team to approve the photograph before the issuing of a new card. If you don't upload your photo, your card will be left blank and you'll need alternative I.D. for race day registration.

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Selecting the right image


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Upload and Approval Policy

The image will not be approved by British Triathlon if it is deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or we consider that you are not the true owner of the image. Ideally the photo should be a passport style photo image.

If you wish to change/update your profile photo you will need to submit another image for British Triathlon approval. Children aged 16 or under wishing to provide personal details or images to British Triathlon should get their parent/guardian's permission to do so.

Once the photo has been approved by British Triathlon it will appear on your membership profile page, within 2 working days. If you have any further questions around the process please contact

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