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Volunteers Award winners 2017 Announced


Welsh Triathlon opened their Volunteer Award Nominations for 2017 in August. This was open to all Welsh Triathlon members and promoted via E Newsletters, Twitter and Facebook. This year there were 8 categories to vote for and 10 awards in total

  •  Coach of the Year
  •  Children’s Coach of the Year
  •  Official of the Year
  •  Young Volunteer of the Year
  •  Volunteer of the Year
  •  Club Event of the Year
  •  Children’s Event of the Year
  •  Commercial Event of the Year
  •  Club of the Year
  •  GOTRI Organiser of the Year


We received nominations in each category apart from Young Volunteer of the year. The chosen winners were selected based purely on the nomination form sent in and judged by a panel consisting of both internal and external parties.


Welsh Triathlon is proud to announce and congratulate the winners of the following categories, with some of the reasons on why they were chosen.


Winner of Participation Coach of the Year

Mike Jones - Celtic Triathlon Club

Mike has never turned a person away because of their skill level. He uses his strengths to help those especially when it comes to open water swimming. He spends hours each week coaching and developing sessions that are enjoyable and something different - which he takes pride in. In addition, he supports Welsh Triathlon on Coach related days which include open water induction and Skills School days. He is also a Coach education tutor, helping those achieve their Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications.  


Childrens Coach of the Year

Sion Jenkins - Just Tri

Sion is passionate about working with Children. After achieving his Level 2 Triathlon coaching certificate he immediately set up a junior triathlon club in Pembrokeshire. 

He makes the club fun to attend and an inspiration to the club members.


Official of the Year

Phil Kethro

Phil is an exceptional technical official as he takes a nurture approach to educate competitors especially in novice events. He wants everyone to thrive in the Sport within the guidelines. He has a calm common-sense approach which allows everyone to race safely and happy.


Volunteer of the Year

Rob James 

Rob is the club chairman of Cardiff Junior Triathlon Club. He is also one of the dedicated club coaches along with organising numerous events. Rob has been the driving force in developing a successful events calendar for the club and Welsh Triathlon by hosting a series of if children’s events. Robs commitment to the club sees him dedicate a number hours coaching each week along with the administration function of a large Junior club in South Wales.


Club event of the Year

Aberavon Aquathlon Series - Darren Vaughan

A fantastic sell out event with great support. Great value for money, competitors got a tshirt and swim hat. A beach start with 200 competitors at each race, 3 waves including a women’s only wave. The most memorable moment was when race organiser Darren Vaughan played the Jaws theme tune over the speaker’s moments before the race start! 


Children’s Event of the Year

Pencoed Junior Triathlon

The volunteers give up thier own time to create an event that helps give children the confidence and motivation to compete. 


Commercial Event of the Year

Cardiff Triathlon -Always Aim High

A beautiful location on closed roads, with a distance for all abilities. Transition is in Roald Dahl Plass and is like a huge amphitheater and as you exit the swim and run to get your bike you feel like a gladiator entering the arena ready for battle. 


Club of the Year

Ruthin TriStars

Ruthin TriStars has a strong Equality and Diversity set up and a great working partnership with the sport development department. They promote triathlon activities within the wider community and has had wider impact on their community through fundraising.


GOTRI Organiser of the Year

Torfaen Triathlon Club

After hosting a range of GO TRI events for both children and adults over the summer, Torfaen Club has been a model of example of how run GO TRI successfully. Making use of the Event Organisers Portal, promoting equality and diversity, and running a range of events Torfaen Tri Club have established themselves as GO TRI event hosts, and engaged the wider community in triathlon activities. Torfaen Tri Club have fulfilled all criteria thus have been selected to win GO TRI Event organiser of the year.


We will be awarding our winners at our AGM on November 25th 2017

The work of these wonderful volunteers and clubs is invaluable. Most sports would not exist without them and triathlon is no different. Recognising and rewarding the volunteers by way of our awards is one of our ways to say thank you for all the hard work they put in year after year. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate. 

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