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Welsh Triathlon Academy Programme (WTAP) Selection Amendments 2020-21 Season


Welsh Triathlon had implemented some changes to the selection process and delivery of our Academy programme going forwards. We had hoped to bring this new process in for the 2020-21 season when selecting athletes in September/October 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to put this on hold.

We will continue to review the situation and the access athletes have had to training and/or racing opportunities in order to ensure we are making the selection as fair as possible. Therefore, we have made the following amendments to the selection process:

  • The selection deadline will be two months prior to any camp activity. This will mean that athletes have the chance to build back their training as camp activity will only be possible when general guidance allows pools etc to open.
  • Welsh Triathlon to run a RTD/weekend activity prior to any selection deadline (TBC) to allow athletes the opportunity for some pool time and a chance to complete the dustbin test.
  • Athletes to apply to the WTAP via the online application. This will ask for swim, bike and run performances and any information regarding injury or illness as per the original application.
  • Athletes who meet the minimum standards for selection will automatically be considered but the selection panel are able to make discretionary decisions.
  • For those who do not have recent (within the last 2 years) times are able to submit coach verified times/test sets from training or video evidence of TT’s.
  • We will take into consideration the disruption to swimming and lower the minimum standard for the swim section if required.
  • Provide opportunity for as many athletes as possible who meet or are close to meeting the required standards either through camps or RTDs.

It is important to note that we want to make this process as fair as possible for all involved and will continue to review the situation throughout. Whilst on the ground activity isn’t possible, we will be running virtual activity which will be accessible to all (11-18yr olds) who wish to take part.

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