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Welsh Triathlon Club Gold List


The Welsh Triathlon Club Gold List is a specific page on the Welsh Triathlon website aimed at acknowledging and rewarding clubs for their contributions towards the development of the sport.

Clubs will be identified to join the Gold List if they one of two criteria:

  1. Have 100% Welsh Triathlon membership- all their club members are Welsh Triathlon members


  1. The club has achieved Bronze level club accreditation

When a club achieved either or criteria, Welsh Triathlon will contact them requesting information which will be used to create a case study of best practice. This will then feature on the Welsh Triathlon website as well as across our social media channels.

The purpose of the Gold List is not only to acknowledge the work that clubs are doing towards the development of triathlon but to also provide examples of best practice which other clubs can learn from and use to adapt the way their clubs are operating.

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