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Welsh TriStar Series 2020


Following a period of consultation with clubs, athletes, parents and coaches, Welsh Triathlon are pleased to announce the revamped Welsh TriStar Series for 2020.

For many young people, the TriStar series will be their first experience of competing in triathlon and multi-sport style events and as such Welsh Triathlon in collaboration with event organisers, clubs and volunteers aim to deliver a TriStar series in line with the following objectives:

  1. Provide fun, positive, competitive experiences that engages young people in a love of sport for life.
  2. Enable young people to take part with minimal barriers.
  3. Deliver races that support learning & holistic development.

There are some important changes to the TriStar Series for 2020.

Change Number 1- Regional Focus

This year there will be three regional TriStar series taking place across Wales (North, South & West). With each series being made up of four events held between March & September.

A key motivator for moving to regional series is to reduce the amount of travel a young person has to undertake in order to access events. This will, in turn, reduce the cost of taking part in the series as well as improve the overall experience.

Change Number 2- Mixture of events

Previously the series had focused heavily on traditional triathlon events (swim, bike & run). This year each regional series will have a mixture of aquathlon (swim & run) and triathlon events.

By having a greater variety of events young athlete’s will be able to develop a wider range of skills. Additionally, the introduction of aquathlons will also reduce barriers to those wishing to take part who do not have access to a bike or who would like to experience multi-sport before committing to this investment.

Change Number 3- Easier Registration

Based on feedback from those who took part in the series last year we have simplified the registration process.

Athletes can take part in ANY TriStar series race across Wales, they will receive points & a ranking for the regional series they register for.

To register for a region all an athlete needs to do is complete this form. For an athletes race performance to count towards their ranking they need to have registered for their region no later than 48 hours before the event.

Sounds great, how do we get involved?

Below are the race dates and locations for each of the regional series. Once you have registered for your region all you need to do is enter the events and get racing!


3rd May

Ruthin Junior Triathlon

Ruthin Leisure Centre

13th June

Aquathlon Byw’n Iach Gwynedd

Caernarfon Leisure Centre

21st June

Denbighshire Triathlon

Denbigh Leisure Centre

19th September-

Bala Junior Aquathlon

Bala Leisure Centre



24th May

Stephen Lewis Aquathlon

Ystradgynlais leisure centre

14th June

Fishguard Junior Aquathlon

Fishguard Leisure Centre

2nd August TBC

Pembrokeshire Triathlon

Pembroke Leisure Centre

9th August

Swansea Triathlon

Swansea National Pool



29th March

RCT Aquathlon

Ponty Pool

26th April

Torfaen Aquathlon

Cwmbran Stadium

6th June

Cardiff Junior Triathlon

Maindy Leisure Centre

18th July

Tri in Tredegar

Parc Bryn Bach



How are the regional rankings calculated?

The rankings are based on an athletes best three points scores from the four races. Each race will have a maximum of 1000 points available.

The winner of each race will receive 1000 points with subsequent results calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by total points, e.g.

  • Winner finishes in 18min 00sec – receives 1000pts
  • Second-place finishes in 18min 36sec – receives (18:00/18:36)*1000 = 968pts

This scoring system rewards an athlete’s performance as well as finishing position.

Am I able to take part in races outside my region?

Yes! All TriStar series races are open to any individual who wants to take part therefore an athlete can choose to take part in any of the races in Wales. They can only receive ranking points for races they take part in within the region they have registered for.

How old do I have to be to take part?

The TriStar series caters for athletes from TriStar 1 through to TriStar 3. Which age group you are in depends on your age as of the 31st December 2020. The youngest you can be is 9 and the oldest is 14 (as of the 31st December 2020)

Do I need to be a Welsh Triathlon Member?

You don’t have to be a Welsh Triathlon member to register for and take part in the TriStar series. There are however many benefits to being a Welsh Triathlon member including insurance, discounts on many great triathlon brands including HUUB and you won’t have to pay for a day licence.

Junior Core membership is only £26 and if you are part of a Welsh Triathlon Affiliated Club it's only £12!

You can sign up for a membership HERE

Is the TriStar Series the same as the IRC Selection Races?

No. The IRC selection races stand separate from the TriStar series. If you would like more information on what the IRC Selection process is and how to get involved click HERE.

Do I need to have Triathlon Experience?

No! For many athletes, the TriStar series is their first experience of triathlon or multi-sport events. Each race will take place in a safe location using indoor swimming facilities and traffic-free bike & run courses.

If you are thinking of taking part and want to learn about some of the key skills such as transition why not look to join your local junior triathlon club? You can find a list of them HERE

For more information on the consultation please click HERE

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