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The online application form is now open and will close on 31st August 2022.

Applications for 16-18 years old as of 1st September 2022. To apply, click HERE.

Applications for 13-15 years old as of 1st September 2022. To apply, click HERE.

The deadline to apply is 31st August 2022 with the selection panel meeting in the week of 5th September 2022.

Athletes will be notified of selection or non-selection by 5pm on Friday 9th September 2022.


Applications are open to all athletes who will be aged between 15 and 19* in the following competitive season i.e. will be a Youth A, Youth B or Junior. Athlete age for Academy selection is taken as age on the day (1st September). Athletes who are selected will remain on the WTAP until the following September. Applications will require athletes to evidence the following distances:

Athletes aged 13, 14 & 15 on 1st September 2022:

Swim: 50m, 200m and 800m

Bike: Dustbin Test

Run: 400m and 1500m

Athletes aged 16, 17 & 18 on 1st September 2022:

Swim: 50m, 400m and 1500m

Bike: Dustbin Test

Run: 400m and 3000m

  • Performances will need to be verified e.g., appear on the British Swimming or UK Athletics databases. Alternatively, performances can be coach verified and the athlete must submit the coaches name and email address alongside video evidence. 

Welsh Triathlon uses a swim/bike/run profiling table to indicate an athlete’s age and stage potential at this level of the Pathway. The scores required for each squad varies and are shown in more detail below.  

Athletes applying for the Development squad will also be assessed against technical elements, key skills and psychological factors that are explained in more detail below. These subjective measures are discussed between the athlete and coach.

Swimming, running and the requisite performance behaviours play a big part in Academy selections and are the priority at this stage of the Pathway. However, the Dustbin test on the bike determines an athlete’s basic technical ability. Athletes who do not have any cycling or triathlon experience are very much encouraged to apply and if selected into an Academy will be supported to develop their riding.

*applications are considered from athletes new to the Academy aged 18 and 19 assuming such athletes are on a rapidly improving trajectory and/or new to the sport.

Criteria Development Transition

Physical- This comprises of your swim, bike & run scores

A minimum of 16/30 points is required *

A minimum of 12/30 points is required *

Technical & Skills- This includes your swimming and running technical/movement quality and your open water and transition skills.

Discuss between WT coach and athlete

No formal scoring

Psychology- This section considers the areas below:

A- Knowledge & Understanding and Organisation & Planning

B- Ownership & Independence and Motivation & Engagement

C- Pressure & Resilience and Race-Craft & Decision-Making

Discuss between WT coach and athlete

No formal scoring

* All point scores are the minimum required to be considered for selection and meeting these does not guarantee selection.

Context Factors

  • Race Experience- how much have you raced. What level of racing have you competed in.
  • Training Load/History- how much training have you done across swim, bike, run over the last few years.
  • Maturation/Relative Age Effect (RAE)- What stage of biological maturation and physical development are you at? RAE refers to the concept that children born early in their year of birth perform more highly than children born later in the same cohort. 

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