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Regional Training Days

Aimed at athletes aged 11-16 years old (TriStar 2- Youth). The purpose of the Regional Training Days (RTD’s) is to expose young athletes to the skills and techniques required to become high performing athletes.

We will do this through delivering accessible and enjoyable single day triathlon activity with a focus on skill development.

The RTD program will consist of up to six days of activity per year in each region (South, West and North). Each day is led by a Welsh Triathlon pathway coach and supported by club coaches from the region.

Do I need triathlon experience to get involved?

Absolutely not! We want RTD’s to be accessible to those who are already taking part in triathlon, as well a gateway for those who may be new to the sport.

How do I get involved?

You need to sign up for the days as they become live.  The dates and locations will be advertised through the Welsh Triathlon Website*

Do I have to be selected?

There are no selection criteria to attend an RTD. To ensure we can deliver the days in a safe and enjoyable manner we ask that all attendees are able to swim 400m continuously, have access to a bike suitable for riding on the road and a pair of trainers.

What is expected of an athlete at a RTD?

  • Be prepared to learn
  • Be motivated and engaged with the session
  • Work hard and practice your skills.

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