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Current Athletes

We are delighted that a number of excellent athletes have chosen to base themselves at the centre and are achieving international successes.

Chris Silver

Age: 28

Coach: Andy Lane

Home Town: Cardiff

Background: Swam for the city of Cardiff from the age of 8, and part of the winning Welsh Schools XC team

Best Results: 2nd overall in the Welsh Super Series, 6th in the Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Relay (Team Wales) and 9th at Challenge Paguera-Mallorca

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Getting to train and race in the sport I love

Best thing about training in the Centre: Team ethos and values – very committed, motivated and supportive squad, really helps to push you on to the next level

Favourite Session: 3-hour bike session on the TT (e.g. 4x20 mins sweetspot)

Favourite Race Venue: Bala last year was stunning!


Florence Swan

Age: 20

Coach: Vicky Johnson

Home Town: Lyme Regis

Background: I have been competing in sporting competitions throughout my life, but I only started triathlon at the age of 15. I started off as a swimmer and a runner, competing regionally and nationally in both disciplines since the age of 9. I was encouraged by my PE teacher to take up triathlon and having taken this encouragement I now compete competitively within triathlon.

Best Results: Extreme surf triathlon (1st)

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Finishing a race, seeing the hard work put into practice

Best thing about training in the Centre: No matter what ability you are, whether you’ve competed internationally or regionally everyone treats you the same.

Favourite Session: Threshold bike session on Maindy track

Favourite Race Venue: Blenheim Palace


Michael Taylor

Age:  23

Coach: Vicky Johnston

Home Town: Barnstaple

Background:  Physiotherapy student

Best Results: 3rd Madeira Para triathlon world cup 2018

Favourite thing about being a triathlete:  The variety

Best thing about training in the Centre:  The team support

Favourite Session: Long steady run

Favourite Race Venue:  Lausanne


Adam Bowden

Age: 36

Coach: Andy 

Hometown: Llantrisant 

Background: I have been competing at national standard in athletics and swimming since I was very young, having represented Great Britain and England at cross country and on the track and road. Adam specialised in the 3km steeplechase and was the British National Champion and Olympic trials winner in 2008. He was 9th in the 3km steeplechase in the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Seeking a new challenge in 2008 I decided to move into triathlon. He was accepted as a member of the trigold programme, British Triathlon’s talent identification programme, funded by Barrie Wells, that aimed to fast track athletes into becoming world class triathletes. Since 2008, I have been a professional triathlete and currently train at the Welsh triathlon centre based at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Following 2016 ITU World Triathlon Series where I finished the season ranked in 9th place, I achieved my highest placing in an individual ITU World Triathlon Series event of 4th, at the Leeds round in 2017. I have now turned my attention to the longer distances. I have had a very successful start to my campaign, recently winning my first 70.3 IronMan event in Dubai and holding the current British Record.

Best Results: 1st IM 70.3 Dubai 2nd Feb 2019. 1st British Duathlon Champion Bedford 2018. 1st British Triathlon Championships 2018. 1st London Triathlon 2018. 2nd European IM 70.3 Championships 2018. 4th ITU triathlon series Leeds 2017. 4th IM Bahrain 70.3 2018 (British Record Holder). 7th 70.3 World Championships 2018.

Favourite thing about being a triathlete:  Leading an active lifestyle. Getting to travel the world. Winning!

Best thing about training in the Centre:  A well balanced training environment which is suited to all types of Athletes. A very much athlete lead World Class Performance centre.

Favourite session: Maindy Bike session.

Favourite race venue: Cardiff.


Issy Morris

Age: 20

Coach: Luke Watson

Home Town: Crickhowell

Background: Runner/ swimmer

Best Results: 5th Holten European Junior Cup, 19th Junior European Championships Austria, 1st British Junior Gateway event Llanelli 2018

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: The varied training, it keeps it interesting!

Best thing about training in the Centre: The squad around you; they support you through the good and bad

Favourite Session: Long run

Favourite Race Venue: Lausanne


Ollie Turner

Age: 20

Coach: Andy Lane

Home Town: Jersey Channel Islands

Background: Mountain bike / XC running

Best Results: 26th 2018 Commonwealth Games, 19th Super League Triathlon

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Its unique

Best thing about training in the Centre: Good banter / elite environment

Favourite Session: Maindy veledrome or chainy with the lads.

Favourite Race Venue: Gold Coast, Australia


Kieran John                          

Age:  24

Coach: Andy Lane

Home Town: Neath

Background: I started out in triathlon at the age of 8, I’m now 24 so I’ve been at it while! I was luckily enough to be involved with the Welsh academy as a youth and junior athlete and have raced in the British elite series and in several junior European Cups.

In 2017 I helped start up Caerphilly Tri-ers, the first triathlon club in Caerphilly. I currently race under Caerphilly Tri-ers and still help out at the club. Outside of triathlon I work in marketing.  I work for a Welsh sport’s governing body as well as freelancing to other organisations. In 2013 I got my private pilot’s licence and will always try and bring it up in conversation, last summer I was lucky enough to get my Powerboat Level 2 certificate through work! 

Best Results: 3rd place Welsh Sprint Championships 2018

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: I get bored easily, so triathlon offers the variety of training for three sports!

Best thing about training in the Centre: There’s a great group of people to train with, which really helps you improve. We’ve also got access to some great facilities, but if I was to pick one thing about the centre it would be that an expert opinion on something is just a WhatsApp message away!

Favourite Session: Bike hill reps

Favourite Race Venue: Llanberis (Slateman Triathlon).


Josh Lewis 

Age: 25

Coach: Andrew Lane (primary coach), Luke Watson

Home Town: Guernsey

Background: International swimmer turned triathlete during the final years of a Masters degree in Architecture.

Best Results: Commonwealth Games selection, Welsh Series 2018 4th, BUCS duathlon 2018 7th

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Negotiating how best to improve, constantly trying things out and changing focuses. The opportunities triathlon creates, whether it be travelling around the world, meeting new people, or seeing new things.

Best thing about training in the Centre: Being around likeminded athletes prepared to do whats necessary to succeed. The community and environment created by the athletes.

Favourite Session: Riding on the Velodrome

Favourite Race Venue: Bala


Ellie White

Age: 19

Coach: Vicky Johnston

Home Town: Southwell

Background: Came from a Midland level swimming background and slowly progressed into triathlon and developed through the East Midlands Regional Triathlon Academy, until I move to Cardiff for University.

Best Results: London 2018 World qualifier 6th.

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Being lucky enough to train in a elite environment and push myself in the sport I love.

Best thing about training in the Centre: The individualised training plans and close support network.

Favourite Session: Long aerobic ride or a Threshold swim.

Favourite Race Venue: Blenheim Palace.


Zoe Thomas

Age: 25

Coach: Luke Watson

Home Town: Porthcawl

Background: I started off as a gymnast, when I was just 3; climbing the walls of the house, my parents thought I probably needed to learn to land on my feet! With my Mam’s swimming and surf life-saving background, and Dad a strong runner, I had ready-made training partners for when I started to explore these other sports. Family holidays always included bike riding, much of the time racing my brother around the Alps and Pyrenees pretending we were Tour riders, therefore triathlon was always a great option to be able to keep doing all of my favourite things with my favourite people - this remains the same today.

Best Results: 5 x top 10s at European Cups in the last 3 years.

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: I love that I get to spend all day, every day trying to get the most out of myself as an athlete and a person, and that I get to travel all over the world doing this whilst sharing experiences with motivated, like-minded people.

Best thing about training in the Centre: In Cardiff, we have a positive team environment. The support from fellow athletes day-in, day-out is unwavering, and shows that triathlon doesn’t have to be a totally individual sport. We are all constantly learning from each other - especially at our post-swim team breakfasts - and always happy when someone in the squad makes a big, personal achievement.

Favourite Session: In the summer, Maindy bike sessions are the best as we get to race each other in a safe, controlled environment whilst learning good bike skills. I love any session that we can do as a squad as it brings out the best in everyone.

Favourite Race Venue: My favourite race was in Madrid, through the iconic city centre with incredible support from the locals and a really tough course. In the UK I love my local race – Tuska triathlon. Racing on home roads is a novelty and I’d love to compete there again soon!


Jamie Price

Age: 20

Coach: Andy

Home Town: Manama (Central Bahrain)

Background: Modern Pentathlete when living in UK, switching to Triathlon when in the middle east as the Bahrain 13 was a massive influence.

Best Results: National Age Groupe British Champion, English National Aquathon Championships 2nd, London Triathlon 1st, Bahrain national Champion for – 1500m run, 3K run, Sprint triathlon, UAE Elite sprint ITU World Tour 1st, ITU West Asian sprint championships 3rd, Tri Yas Pro Race (Olympic distance) 6th, Dubai sprint championships 2nd, Abu Dhabi ITU world tore event 1st

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: The variety of training, most other sports have repetitive sets in the vast. But with Triathlon you get to do all the best aspects of 3 sports!

Best thing about training in the Centre: The high level of training, as well as the world class support provided from the dedicated coaching and support team. The centre also allows developing triathletes the opportunity to train and test against professional’s, and give us an insight into full time sport, its thanks to the centre that I truly know I want this to be my career.

Favourite Session: Either sprint Sundays in the pool, track running or technical sessions on the bike at the velodrome.

Favourite Race Venue: Tri Yas, Abu Dhabi


Jenny Manners

Age: 28

Coach: Luke Watson

Home Town: Cirencester

Background: Ran and swam from a young age, then started triathlon in 2nd year at Loughborough University and progressed onto the performance squad. Competed as a guide for visually impaired triathletes during my time at Loughborough. Moved to Cardiff in 2017 to train with NTPCW.

Best Results: 2nd Székesfehérvár Sprint European Cup 2018, 2nd Weert European Cup 2017, World Paratriathlon Gold PT5 with Alison Patrick 2014, World Paratriathlon Gold TRI-6 with Charlotte Ellis 2011

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: Pushing myself everyday to improve.

Best thing about training in the Centre: The people – everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Favourite Session: Tempo run 

Favourite Race Venue: Kitzbühel


Grace Kinnell

Age: 19

Coach: Vicky

Home Town: Fleet

Background: National swimmer in the Welsh Youth Squad 2013-2016, started Triathlon September 2016, member of the Welsh junior academy 2016-2018, Welsh record holder for 1500m short course, British swimming champs qualifier x2

Best Results: 10th Llanelli Junior Super Series 2016

Favourite thing about being a triathlete:  Challenge of balancing 3 sports to deliver my best performance

Best thing about training in the Centre: Support and guidance that is given to me and the facilities available

Favourite Session: Maindy Bike sessions

Favourite Race Venue: Cardiff triathlon


Patrick Livingstone

Age: 21

Coach: Vicky Johnston

Home Town: Belfast/Exeter

Background: I used to play rugby and run a lot, then after watching the London Olympics I started trying a bit of cycling and eventually swimming. After a few years I found myself starting to train a bit more seriously and so went along to the performance centre invitation week just to give it a go really.

Best Results: 36th in BUCS duathlon and 20th in BUCS triathlon

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: I love the grind of the training and meeting really cool and interesting people that often get attracted to Triathlon.

Best thing about training in the Centre: For me the opportunity to train alongside and meet some top athletes is amazing and a daily inspiration. As well as getting the support and coaching has helped me to improve.

Favourite Session: My favourite sessions are often the Sunday speed sets in the pool. After all the time spent around threshold with tight turnarounds it just feels good to do some sprints with lots of rest.

Favourite Race Venue: Bala triathlon course was great with a clear lake, closed roads and well organised in a beautiful area.


Abbie Williams


Coach: Luke Watson

Home Town: Pembrokeshire

Background: Swam competitively from a young age and started running when I went to secondary school, where I competed internationally.  Turned to Triathlon aged 14 after being invited to a club session.

Best Results: 5th European Youth Championships, 1st European Youth Mixed Relay Championships

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: The variety of training and the opportunities it provides, such as travelling the world.

Best thing about training in the centre: Having a good group of people to train with as well as building a individualised program.

Favourite session: Anything short and fast!

Favourite race venue: Holten


Rhiannon Middleton

Age: 22

Coach: Vicky Johnson

Home Town: Cardiff       

Background: Previous a swimmer at regional level, with the City of Cardiff Swimming club. Switched to triathlon to try something different having competed in and enjoying cross country at school. Fortunate to have timed my development in the sport through the Welsh Academy. I trained with the initial building blocks of the training group set up at Cardiff Met run by Andy some 5/6 years ago before heading to university, only to come back to the newly developed Performance Centre headed up by Luke.

Best Results: A top 5 at the U20’s festival at Mallory Park, my last race as a junior. More recently, 2 top 10 results in British Senior Super Series 2017, a win at Pencoed Oly Triathlon 2018 – nothing like supporting a local race.

Favourite thing about being a triathlete: The variety of training it involves.

Best thing about training in the Centre: The competitive atmosphere I get from the other athletes and the opportunity to train with some very talented individuals. Also the close proximity of training to home.

Favourite Session: Bike track/velo session

Favourite Race Venue: Cardiff (no bias involved!)


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