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Squad & Selection & Support  

Athletes can be invited to be members of the Performance Centre if they are one of the following:

  • An athlete competing at elite level in draft-legal events;
  • A Cardiff Metropolitan University student;
  • A Cardiff University student; OR
  • Additional athletes who can evidence the ability to enhance the training environment

We have operated a Performance Squad of up to 16 athletes for a number of years. Due to the progression of the Centre, and the increased numbers of athletes wishing to join NTPCW, for September 2021 we are pleased to announce a new Development Squad, to support an additional 8-12 athletes, which will run in conjunction with the AU Triathlon club at Cardiff University, and the single-discipline clubs at Cardiff Met, which are all thriving, student-run clubs.

The AU clubs are open invite, with the Performance & Development Squad membership decided by selection by the coaching team. These selections are currently made on a combination of:

  • Triathlon Race Results
  • Single-Discipline Performances

Currently the guideline MINIMUM performance standards* for the Performance Squad are:

  • Top-20 finish in a British Triathlon Super Series Event
  • Top-12 finish in a British Triathlon Junior Super Series Event
  • Performance Benchmarking Score (swim + run) of 4 points or higher, for example:
    • WOMEN:        <10:05 800m Swim +        <18:00 5km Run
    • MEN:                <9:25 800m Swim    +        <15:25 5km Run

*Please note that for 2020-21 we had applications from more athletes that meet the above standards than available places, and therefore these standards are likely to rise slightly in future years, as we continue to receive an increased number of applications.

The official 2021-22 Selection Policy can be found HERE.

A video outlining the selection process and performance matrix can be found HERE.

Athlete Support

In addition to the coaching, facility access and sports science support that comes with being part of NTPCW, athletes on our Performance Squad are able to apply for additional support from the University sport programmes, which enable free access to additional support services, such as physio, massage, nutrition.

Cardiff Met Sport Scholarships:

Cardiff University High Performance Programme [HPP]:

We also have a very good relationship with both Universities in terms of helping with factors such as:

  • Selecting accommodation
  • Academic flexibility - to allow you to balance your academics and sport e.g. around exams, races, training camps etc or by studying part-time

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