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Squad & Selection 

Athletes can be invited to be members of the Performance Centre if they are one of the following:

  • An athlete competing at elite international level in ITU and/or non-drafting formats
  • A Cardiff Metropolitan University student
  • A Cardiff University student
  • Additional athletes who can evidence the ability to enhance the training environment

We currently operate both a Performance and a Cardiff Met Development Squad, who operate almost all of their training together. We are also building good links with the AU Triathlon clubs at both Universities. 

The AU clubs are open invite, with the Performance and Development squads decided by selection by the coaching team. These selections are currently made on a combination of:

  • Race Results - from triathlon plus the single disciplines of swimming, cycling and running
  • Invitation Week – this runs shortly after the start of term and gives potential new athletes an opportunity to come and try out the sessions, training environment and for the coaching team to make an assessment of which opportunities are best suited to them and their development

Currently the guideline performance standards* for the two squads are:


  • Top-12 in a BTF Junior Gateway event (e.g. Llanelli/Mallory)
  • Women:       <5:00 400m Swim & <19:00 5km Run
  • Men:             <4:40 400m Swim & <16:00 5km Run

Cardiff Met Development**

  • Women:       <5:15 400m Swim & <20:00 5km Run
  • Men:            <5:00 400m Swim & <17:30 5km Run

*Please note that the above standards are likely to rise slightly in future years, as we continue to receive an increased number of athletes wishing to apply for the Cardiff-based Universities and train at the Centre.

**In 2018-19 the Development Squad has been open to athletes across the two Universities. However due to the funding structure, for 2019-20 this will be a Cardiff Met only squad.

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