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 Welsh Triathlon Super Series 2020

Season 3 of the Welsh Triathlon Super Series returns, with a continuation of some favourite series stages from the previous two years, as well as two new locations as the series expands again in 2020. Once again, the Welsh Super Series will showcase the sport of Triathlon, as well as Wales’ ability to hold some beautiful, yet challenging events.

The aim of the series is to be the best Non-Drafting series in the UK, and as a result, aims to attract some of the UKs top age group racers from across the Home Nations, as well as those talented athletes who are on the cusp on making the transition into elite competition. The range of events and location allows triathlon enthusiasts, seasoned club athletes, social newcomers to the sport to toe the line with some of the UKs most promising racing talent.

The series will consist of 6 events in 2020, consisting of three sprint distance triathlons and three standard distance triathlons, running from May through to September 2020, ranging from Llanberis and Bala in the North, to Broadhaven and Gower in the West and Port Talbot and Barry in the South. From the shadows of Snowdonia to the coast of the South and West, the series is a visual experience as well as a sporting one! Information on each of the individual stages can be found on our Race the Series  page. All stages of the Welsh Super Series 2019 are permitted by the British Triathlon Federation, and will therefore follow the BTF Competition Rules.

Again, to feature within the series standings at the end of the year, competitors must:

  • Be a member of their home federation. This is open to all British Triathlon members, not just Welsh Triathlon members
  • You can race in as many events as you wish, but your four highest scores will be counted towards the series scores.
  • If you wish to contribute to your club score, your club must be affiliated to Welsh Triathlon for 2020 and you must correctly enter the club name in the online entry portal of every race you compete in.

There are new elements attached to this year’s series. In all, the 2020 Series will include:

  • Individual Overall and Age Category Super Series winners across all age categories.
  • Welsh Triathlon Super Series Club Competition.
  • Youth and Junior Series Category Winners.
  • Welsh National Standard and Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships.
  • Qualification for the 2020 and 2021 Tim Tri Cymru Representative Team.

Individual Overall & Age Category Competition.

As per the previous two years, this element of the competition will remain the same. If you are a Home Nations member, you will automatically collect individual points within the overall race and your respective age category should you finish within the top 60 finishers. Your four highest scores across the series will be accumulated to give you your final Series Score.

You are likely to have different scores within the overall standings and your respective age category. To claim your prize at the end of the Super Series, you would have needed to complete a combination of at least three events. The points scoring is explained below.

Welsh Triathlon Super Series Club Competition.

If part of an Affiliated Welsh Triathlon Club, be sure to select or enter your club name correctly for each race you enter. We receive the start lists from the race organisers pre-race and we check membership and clubs, so if your club isn’t correctly stated…you can’t contribute to the points tally.

The Scoring process for the club competition will be confirmed in January 2020, but the aim is to encourage as many club athletes as possible and engage with everyone, whatever their ability and experience.

Youth and Junior Series Category Winners.

As per the overall and age categories scoring system, points will be awarded dependant on your finishing position. There are only three sprint events within the series, so it will be the two best scores that contribute to the final tally. Competitors within this category will need to complete a minimum of two stages to qualify for their prize at the end of the season.

Welsh National Standard and Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships

Following a survey that was sent out by Welsh Triathlon in partnership with previous super series event organisers, there has been a change to the format of the Sprint and Standard National Championships for 2020.

The Standard and Sprint Champions will be selected from points accumulated within the Sprint and Standard events of the Super Series.

So, to win the Standard Championship, your best two scores from the three standard distance events will be added.

To win the Sprint Championship, your best two scores from the three sprint distance events will be added.

The presentations for the Standard Championship will take place at the final Standard Event at stage 5, and the Sprint Championship will be presented at the final Sprint Stage, which is stage 6.

Unlike the Super Series, there will be no points and a quarter to calculate the National Champs. It will be the same scoring system as that used across stages 1-5 of the Super Series.

If in the event of a tie, there will be a ‘head to head’ comparison first, then we will consider the difference in finishing times in comparison to the overall race winner.

Further Information on the 2020 National Championships can be found on this page

Qualification for the 2020 and 2021 Tim Tri Cymru Representative Team.

Tim Tri Cymru returns for 2020, and its bigger and better.

In 2019, we selected a male and female representative from each age grade to go and represent Wales at the British Championships. We’re doing this again, but in 2020 and 2021, we’ll be sending a Standard Team and a Sprint Team.

As the pilot went well and this is a new concept, the 2020 Super Series will act as qualifying for both 2020 and 2021 Teams.

The 2020 British Standard Distance Championship is in Leeds on June 6th and 7th, so we will be selecting this year’s representatives based on their performance at the TATA Steelman on May 17th, stage one of this year’s Super Series. That will give those selected a three-week turnaround for Leeds.

The 2020 British Sprint Championship is in Cardiff on the 28th June, so we will be selecting this year’s representatives for that team at the SWYD Sprint Triathlon on 24th May. This gives us a four-week turnaround.

This is the fairest way of selecting a team for 2020, enabling everyone an opportunity to qualify.

Qualification for the 2021 teams will be based on your overall scores in the Welsh Standard Championship, and the Welsh Sprint Championship, as explained above, your best two scores from each distance within the Welsh Super Series this year.

Welsh Triathlon will aspire to ensure that each age group is represented across both genders, so there will be a roll-down operating within each age category.

The number of slots available for each team will be determined in the new year, and further information on this can be found on the ‘Tim Tri Cymru’ page here.

2020 Super Series Competition Scoring.

The Individual competition, across overall and age categories will be scored the same as 2019. Stages 1-5 will see the winner in the overall race will earn 100 points, 2nd place will receive 90 points, 3rd place 85 points, and then the rest of the top ten will receive 5-point gaps ranging down to 50 points for 10th place. Every position thereafter will receive a 1-point reduction, meaning the top 60 finishers in both the men’s and women’s field will receive points in the overall category.

What about the people outside the top 60?

The reality is, if you’re outside the top 60 finishers across each of the stages, you’re not going to feature in the overall series standings. You will however, still feature within your age category, so the same scoring will apply to eligible competitors within each age category split, consisting of a combined youth and junior category (15-19), Senior (20-39), Veteran (40-49), Vintage Veteran (50-59), Super Veteran (60-69) and Super Vintage Veteran (70+), across both male and female fields.

You must though compete in a minimum of three of the six events to win your age category. (see below for youth and junior category)

The final Stage has a twist!

The final sixth stage will be worth ‘points and a quarter’. So, the overall winners, and respective age category winners for the final stage will earn 125 points, with second place earning 110 points, 3rd place earning 100 points, 4th place earning 90 points, 5th place earning 85 points, and then the remainder of spaces from 6th to 12th having five-point deductions down to 50 points, then as per the other stages, 1 point deductions until we reach 1 point. This will be mirrored across all age categories, so the racing truly does go to the final stage, where the Welsh Super Series Winners will be crowned.

What about the Youth and Junior Category?

Same applies, there’s three events to select so the first three will have the standard 100-point structure explained above. The final stage is a sprint, and this will be points and a quarter as per the senior competition. With only three sprint events on offer, the best two scores will be selected for the Youth and Junior Super Series award.

What will we win this year?

There will be prizes attached to the 2020 series, but these will be confirmed after January 1st, 2020.

How do I ensure I’m a member?

If you’re not sure if you’re currently a member, please contact the Welsh triathlon office on 0300 300 3128 or contact with an email titled ‘membership enquiry’. If you know you’re not a member though and need to sign up, please CLICK HERE

Is it on the TV again?

Yes, 2020 will see us return to S4C with the Welsh Media Platform supporting the series for a third year. The stages will be aired shortly after each event. It is also hoped that the series will continue to be aired across English Language Platforms in the Autumn.

Right, I’m in. How do I enter?

If you’re an individual, you need to enter each of the individual stages directly with the event organisers. You can find all their entry details, as well as further information on each stage on the Race the Series page

Be sure though when you do register, you enter your name as it is printed on your race licence, clearly give your membership number and don’t forget to put your team/club name down!! Just make sure then that your club is affiliated to Welsh Triathlon.

A BIG Thanks to…

Welsh Triathlon would also like to express thanks to our delivery partners across the series for their work, as well as for the work they do throughout the year elsewhere. This years’ delivery partners include Port Talbot Harriers, Bala Big Bash Committee, Always Aim High Events and Activity Wales Events, All or Nothing Events and Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club. As well as these organisations, we’d also like to thank their respective sponsors and endorsers and the local authorities and other agencies they work closely with to ensure their events are delivered effectively.


If you wish to volunteer at any of the stage events, or at any other Welsh Triathlon programme during 2020, please CLICK HERE to fill out  the volunteer registration form.



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