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Education and Learning Pathway  

Establish connections, explore new opportunities, and receive expert guidance.

At Welsh Triathlon, we offer a comprehensive collection of courses, workshops, and resources to get involved in Triathlon


New for Winter 2024
  • HPCP - Applications are open! The main objective of this program is to enhance the growth of both coaches and athletes, empowering them to reach their desired goals and aspirations. The course is designed with a coach-centric approach, placing great importance on questioning established knowledge and fostering a deeper comprehension through a culture of teamwork and collective learning.
  • Group Coach - This qualification builds upon current knowledge, skills, and competencies of swim, bike, run. You will be able to independently plan, prepare, deliver, and evaluate coaching sessions, and mentor and oversee fellow coaches.



Why Facilitate, Lead, Coach? 

People choose to become triathlon coaches, activators, and leaders for various reasons. You may be an athlete or participant who wants to contribute to the sport you love, a parent of a child or simply inspired by the coaches and leaders around you. Whichever it is, if you have a passion for triathlon and a desire to improve the physical and mental well-being of others, becoming a coach, activator, or leader may be a fantastic option for you.  

Become a Coach

Elevate your coaching journey in triathlon. Discover our courses and workshops designed to help you become a certified triathlon coach or advance your coaching career.

Requirements, Policies & Procedures

Learn about the essential prerequisites for enrolling in our courses and workshops and explore our comprehensive Policies and Procedures section, covering terms and conditions, fair assessment and more.

Coaching Courses

We will be releasing a full programme for courses this summer with courses starting in the Autumn.

Activate and Lead

Unlock your leadership potential in Triathlon Explore our courses and workshops for leaders and activators and make a lasting impact in the Triathlon community.

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Physical Literacy Schools Resource

Physical Literacy is a concept that “offers a more holistic, realistic and inclusive approach to promoting engagement in physical activity for all, and for life” Learn more about our school Resource here

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