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Summary of Welsh Triathlons Duty of Care week


At Welsh Triathlon Duty of Care is a key priority and something we look to embed in all our practices

At the start of the week, we launched our Duty of Care week by discussing what duty of care means and who has a Duty of Care in sport. You can read more here. We then moved through the week looking at a variety of themes, sharing resources, testimonies, and videos, demonstrating the balance between welfare and success.


Did you know that you can earn a recognised Duty of Care Digital Badge from UK Coaching, by demonstrating your knowledge of the five pillars of Duty to Care:

1. Safeguarding

2. Diversity

3. Inclusion

4. Mental Health

5. Well-being

Complete the five free knowledge check here to earn your Duty of Care Digital Badge


Our coaches in the National Triathlon Performance Center Wales (NTPCW) shared how they implement Duty of Care in their practice. Watch what they had to say here


By being involved in your child’s journey in sport you get the chance to watch them learn new skills, grow and most importantly have fun. It is not always easy being a sport parent, it can take up a lot of time, money, and emotional energy. Here is a video with some strategies to help manage some of the challenges you may face.


The influence of parents on athletes sporting experience is a key factor. See how the parents of athletes at National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales have been a positive influence. Read more here. 


You are the lifeblood of our sport. Whether it is coaching, being part of a club committee or officiating at events, our volunteers have both a duty of care and a right to be cared for.

Take a look at how we support volunteers within our duty of care as well as how they provide a duty of care to those they support. Learn more.


All those who participate in Triathlon, are entitled to take part in a safe and fun environment. Every person deserves the chance to experience the feelings of enjoyment, challenge and achievement inherent to the sport. Everyone is entitled to be protected from abuse; our sport has a Duty of Care in this respect. We have dedicated an area on our website to safeguarding, please visit it and familiarise yourself with some of the resources.


Did you know we also have a responsibility to safeguard adults as well as children? Here is a short video from Club Matters highlighting some top tips when it comes to safeguarding adults


The most important part of safeguarding is to speak to someone if you have a concern about anyone. Below are just a few people and organisations that you can speak to about a concern: 

Mental health 

Welsh Triathlon has signed up for the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation. By signing up to the charter we are committing to how our sport should adopt good mental health practices to make activities inclusive, positive, and open to everyone and to create a culture shift that removes, in wider society and in the sport of triathlon, the stigma around mental health. Learn more about the Charter here.


It is becoming increasingly recognised that the benefits of sport and physical activity on our mental health are endless: ✅Reduced stress ✅Improved mood ✅Lifting self esteem....... and many more.  See how physical activity has a positive effect on our Head of Performance. Read more here.


It can be hard to know how to support friends, family, colleagues through difficult times. The charity Mind has lots of resources on its website to help you support those who need it. Visit their website here


To join the conversation use the #WTdutyofcare and tag Welsh Triathlon.

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