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GO TRI events and their benefits for the community


We spoke to Alistair Souch of Cardiff University Triathlon club to find out his motivations for organising GO TRI events

We want to take time to acknowledge some of the volunteers who are giving people within Wales the opportunity to take part in triathlon and multisport.

We spoke to Alistair Souch of Cardiff University Triathlon club to find out his motivations for organising GO TRI events and what benefits they have for the community. Alistair is a PhD psychology student at the Cardiff University. Alistair has organised and run a number of sold out GO TRI events, is heavily involved with his university club and commits time to training and racing to achieve his personal goals. Alistair is also a Level 1 triathlon coach and supports his local junior triathlon club.

What encourages you to carry on putting on GO TRI events?

GO TRI is a great way to enter the world of triathlon. The concept of multisport can be intimidating, but GO TRI  creates a friendly, supportive atmosphere for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come together and achieve a personal goal. By putting the focus on completing rather than competing, it creates a wonderful event, that offers a fun and safe introduction to triathlon. 


As a triathlon club of all abilities, we all remember how and when we got into the sport. Whether it was through a GO TRI ourselves or not, we all remember our first race and the trepidation we felt towards, but how we overcame that thanks to the events that were put on for us. We therefore want to give back, by providing the platform to give others the opportunity to enter the sport.


What is the best part about putting on GO TRI events?

By far and away it is seeing the sense of achievement and accomplishment on the faces of those who have overcome a challenge and completed a huge personal goal. It makes the efforts involved beforehand and, on the day, all worthwhile. 


Any advice for anyone looking to volunteer in triathlon?

The volunteers are the ones that make the events, and it is your encouragement and enthusiasm that athletes will remember afterwards. You are therefore in a great position to help someone achieve their goal, which is hugely rewarding. 

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