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Local Technical Official Course and Regional Technical Official Course


LTO and RTO courses announced for March 2017

Without race officials, events may not be run in a safe and fair manner. Welsh Triathlon is offering a one day Local Technical Officials Course on Saturday 25th March 2017, for new officials and a half day Regional Officials Course on Sunday 26th March 2017

Local Technical Official

The Local Technical Official (LTO) course is the first step on the Welsh Triathlon officiating pathway. 
This qualification is aimed at individuals who are interested in becoming a Technical Official and has been designed to provide attendees with the knowledge required to begin officiating as well as covering the soft skills needed.
The training is made up of:
1 A full day course
2 An associated knowledge tester
3 The completion of four shadows of qualified officials
Course Content
The course focuses on the fundamentals of officiating identifying the specific requirements of the race official and introducing the soft skills which help officials become more successful, including:
Responsibilities of the LTO
Personal Characteristics of Officials
Officiating Style
Conflict Management
Transition Area
Race Briefings
Race Reports
Children's Events
Role Descriptor
Following the successful completion of both the theoretical and practical elements candidates will be eligible to be the chief official at pool based triathlon and aquathlon events along with duathlons, including children's and paratriathlon events. 
They are also qualified to be an assistant official at open water events.
To attend the course candidates must:
• be a minimum of 16 years of age.
• hold a Home Nation Association membership, of associate level or above.
Candidates should have knowledge of triathlon, both rules and culture, good communications skills, an ability to deal with conflict fairly, be cool under pressure and have a common sense approach to dealing with issues that arise. A willingness to travel in Wales is also useful.
Cost and Application Process
The course will cost £15. There are 12 places available, you can enroll on the course by clicking HERE
For furthur information contact Development Manager, Will Kirk -willkirk@welshtriathlon.org


Regional Technical Official 

The Regional Technical Officials (RTO) course is designed to build on the experience gained as an LTO and further develop Officials.


The RTO course is the next step on the officiating pathway and builds upon the skills and knowledge gained during the course of training and operating as an LTO, and further develops these whilst adding to them.

The training consists of:

A half day course
An associated knowledge tester
The completion of two shadows of qualified Officials at two open water events
View a full overview of the qualification process please here. 

Course Content

The course recaps the content from the LTO course to familiarise candidates and covers supervising other Officials in more depth and introduces:

Officiating at Open Water Events
Crisis Management and Contingency Planning
Placing Other Officials
Role Descriptor

Following the successful completion of the theoretical and practical elements candidates will be eligible to officiate as the Chief Official at open water events and be part of the officaiting team at British Triathlon and Home Nation Association Major Events.


To attend the course candidates must:

Be a minimum of 18 years of age
Have fully completed the LTO qualification
Have been the Chief Official at a minimum of two events, or assisted at a minimum of four events, since qualifying as an LTO


As volunteers, qualified Regional Technical Officials are entitled to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred for attending events, which are claimed directly from the Event Organiser. The British Triathlon Officials Expenses Policy can be found in the Officiating Resources section.

Cost and Application Process

The course will cost £15. There are 8 places available and candidates should ask for an application form, or address any queries to willkirk@welshtriathlon.org

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