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Wrapping up the Tristar Series with an Exciting Aquathlon Finale!


The culmination of the Tristar Series took place on Sunday 20th August at Canolfen Hamdden Dwyfor Pwllheli, event number six was an Aquathlon organised by Dreigiau Dwyfor Dragons Triathlon club! Over 70 young athletes ranging from age 8 to 16 took part in a pool swim followed by a run around the grounds of the venue, you can see the distances each age category completed below

Tristar Start (Age 8) – 50m swim, 400m run
Tristar 1 (Age 9-10) – 100m swim, 1km run
Tristar 2 (Age 11-12) – 200m swim, 2km run
Tristar 3 (Age 13-14) – 300m swim, 2.5km run
Youth (Age 15-16) – 400m swim, 3km run

This was the athletes last chance of getting points towards their TriStar total, the highest four results from throughout the series would be their final scores. It was all up for grabs! There was some great competition with there being only two seconds between some competitors such as Amber Chauhan and Fleur Randles in the TS2 Female race. Isaac Brady crossed over the line in first place in the TS1 race in a fantastic 7 minutes 6 seconds, following 7 seconds behind was Elizabeth Davies. Macsen Watts led from the swim with a four second lead on Zac Cambell however they were neck and neck for the run both finishing their third and forth laps in the same time. Have a look below to see how the events results affected the final standings for the TriStar series. Congratulations to all the athletes who took part, it was fantastic to see the future talent of triathlon on display

A special thanks goes to Dewi Jones and his team of volunteers who ensured the event ran smoothly. Dewi Jones was also presented with his Coach of the Year Award! Congratulations Dewi for all your hard work!

Keep scrolling for results!


Dreigiau Junior Aquathlon Results (Female and Open)

Tristar 1 Female

1st - Elizabeth

2nd - Gwendolen

3rd - Mali


Tristar 1 Open

1st - Isaac

2nd - Milo

3rd - Henry


Tristar 2 Female

1st - Annie

2nd - Amber

3rd - Fleur 


Tristar 2 Open 

1st - Isaac

2nd - Orson

2rd - Elgan


Tristar 3 Female 

1st - Ffion

2nd - Katie

3rd - Grace


Tristar 3 Open

1st - Macsen 

2nd - Zac

3rd - Jai


For the final scores for the Tristar Series 2023, see here!

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