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Aquathlon and Middle-Distance Championship Roundups 2019


The 20th and 21st of July saw a double header of National Championship events, with Port Talbot Harriers hosting a packed National Aquathlon Championships only to be matched by the Melin Sospan Sizzler Middle Distance in Burry Port, where Taff Ely Triathlon came away with an impressive haul.

Aberavon Beach was the location for a record breaking National Aquathlon Championships which saw over 320 participants take part in the second stage of the Aberavon Aquathlon Series.

It was great to see the abundance of Welsh Triathlon Club Colours at Aberavon Beachfront for what proved a testing swim and a fast 5km run along the promenade. It was Jack Southam who was first out of the water and was one of six athletes who left transition in proximity. With a challenging cross wind sweeping through the out and back course, there was no respite for the athletes. Deri Stewart battled and coped best with the conditions to take the tape at 26.53. Deri was quickly followed by Jamie Price in second place and Ben Bartlett in third. Within the female field, Hannah Jenkins made it a TCW double crossing the line in a time of 31.24. Hannah was followed by Ursula Hankinson and Port Talbot Harriers own Ffion Davies in third.    


The Sunday was a slightly longer affair with the Sospan Sizzler in Burry Port hosting the National Middle-Distance Championship. With another popular event containing over 350 participants, the swim in the Loughor Estuary and the bike route saw competitors ride through the Gwendraeth Valley, introducing them to the Carmarthenshire landscape in a challenging multisport course.

The conditions showed a huge improvement in comparison to the 2018 race. The sleepy tide resulted in a 20-minute delay on start, but once underway, it was Oliver Simon who beat the tide, exiting the water first and made his way out on the challenging bike course. The bike course was brutal, and it saw several pre-race front runners fall foul to mechanicals. Dai Cole, Richard Dando and John Collier all failing to return for T2 having joined the bike course within the top 20. As Simon returned to T2 and the half marathon that followed, he was closely joined by Ffin Arentz, Paul Lewis, Richard Wilder and NEWT’s James Elgar. As the run panned out, it was Arentz who came away with spoils crossing the finishing gun first. Simon, who had led throughout pulled out of the race on the final run leg having complained of feeling unwell. Paul Lewis of Port Talbot Harriers who crossed the tape second had his position removed following an intervention from an MTO on the final stages of the bike leg, which then saw second place overall go to NEWT’s James Elgar. Third across the line was Taff Ely’s Mark Binding, who had also raced the National Aquathlon the day before. Within the women’s race, it was Vikki Sivertsen of Malvern Triathlon Club who was first past the post, followed by Michelle Greatrex and Natasha Barton of Pencoed tri Club.

National Aquathlon Championship Category Winners 2019

Male Youth

  1. Lloyd Jones                     2. Alex Layzell                3. Jack Southam

Male Junior

  1. Ben Bartlett                     2. Lewys John               3. Joshua Wallace

Male Senior

  1. Deri Stewart                     2. Michael Lewis           3. Oliver Thoroughgood

Male Veterans

  1. Mark Davies                     2. Mark Binding             3. Jon Wickett

Male Vintage Veterans

  1. Martin Cole                      2. Gareth Norton            3. Carl George

Male Super Veteran

  1. Edward Morgan                2. Alan Kerr                   3. Paul Bennett

Female Youth

  1. Lili Jones

Female Junior

    1. Hannah Jenkins

Female Senior

  1. Ffion Davies                     2. Ceri Ruzzi                  3. Cathryn Williams

Female Veteran

  1. Susannah Bulpin              2. Ruth Flatman             3. Wendy Hurst

Female Vintage Veteran

  1. Carolyn Williams               2. Ann James               3. Jane Lewis

Female Super Veteran

  1. Julie Brown                      2. Anne Powell

Female Super Vintage Veteran (LEGEND)

  1. Sue Graves


National Middle-Distance Championship 2019

Male Seniors

  1. Finn Arentz                     2. James Elgar                  3. Hugh Pascoe

Male Veterans

  1. Mark Binding                   2. Dean Johnston             3. Andrew Fraser Cole

Male Vintage Veterans

  1. Simon Osbourne              2. Chris Lee                     3. Steve Matchett

Male Super Veteran

  1. Edward Morgan               2. Anthony Fidow            3. David Walker

Female Seniors

  1. Natasha Barton                 2. Sara Gillett

Female Veterans

  1. Michelle Greatrex             2. Jane Leary                    3. Jane Arnold

Female Vintage Veterans

  1. Rebecca Timothy              2. Adelle Francis               3. Helen Griffiths


A full set of results for each of the events can be found at http://www.triandenter.com/

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