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The finale of the Winter Grand Tour


The 9-stage virtual Winter Grand Tour comes to an end with over 400 Welsh Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland members taking part.

Saturday the 13th February saw the grand finale of the Winter Grand Tour.  Facilitated by Henry Wright, the joy of the winter grand tour was that members across Wales and Scotland could take part in their very own ‘pain caves’, away from the wind, rain, and snow in something connected and real. 

To build upon the fantastic club engagement and success of previous virtual activity events, Welsh Triathlon provided some funding support for Henry to deliver this fantastic winter edition of the Welsh Grand Tour. Henry facilitated another great series of virtual events which for the first time extended beyond Wales with the involvement of our, very welcome Celtic cousins. This was another great opportunity for the triathlon community to come together to socialise and participate with maybe just a smidgen of competition?  

Sarah Wills - “Thanks so much Henry for organising, well done to all the Welsh Tri and Scottish Tri riders for great racing. Shout out to my White Rock Tri teammates” 

Held over 9 stages the tour saw some fierce racing between clubs and individuals. Whilst it is not quite triathlon as we know it, these events allowed a great competitive outlet whilst building some lasting camaraderie within the triathlon community. It is well known that some of the valued conversations in the triathlon community are in transition as you rack your bike, and we look forward to the spill over from this virtual world into those real-life experiences. It won’t be long to wait now! 

WGT Stages: 

  1. Nov. 7th: London 8 x 2 laps (40km) 

  1. Nov. 14th: Douce France (35km) 

  1. Nov. 28th: Bigger Loop (53km) 

  1. December 12th: Volcano Climb (33km race) 

  1. December 19th: Rider’s Choice – Achterbahn, Austria 

  1. January 2nd: LaGuardia – 10 laps 

  1. January 16th: 60km TT Greatest London Flat 

  1. January 30th: Hilly ‘TT’ Tour of Fire and Ice  

  1. February 13th: Bologna RACE  

The competition involved teams and individuals split across power categories, every participant had a part to play in the racing. Throughout the series, there was plenty of movement across all leader boards. We can’t wait to see who comes out on top when the final results are calculated. Keep an eye out for the results post. 

Swansea Vale Tri “What a series! Enjoyed this one as much as the first one. Was great to have more clubs involved this time around. The racing was great but more than that the banter between clubs was superb. Every club played a part” 

We have been delighted with the success of the tour enjoying all your pictures, feedback, and comments.  We look forward to partnering with Henry in the future to deliver more great virtual activity. 

Welsh Triathlon continues its commitment to supporting the growth and development of our sport.  If you would like to support us and are not yet a member please join us through one of our membership packages here. If you are running and cycling or looking at open water swimming in the summer, we can insure and support your training activity. 

Nerys Ann Blue – “As the weeks went by the watts seemed to increase as did friendships within the club and amongst other clubs. Henry Wright, you have given us drive, focus, and something to talk about. It’s awesome being part of your virtual tours and we all greatly appreciate the dedication and thoughtful planning.” 

And the last word goes to Henry, who we are very grateful to, for his time and commitment– it was no easy feat! 

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